Sisterhood Teas is a health initiative under the umbrella of HELP (Health Education and Lifestyle Programs), LLC aimed at addressing the overwhelming tide of mental illness, particularly among women and minorities. Due to various circumstances, women are grappling with mental health struggles often times alone and in silence.   Unfortunately, African Americans and Hispanics receive mental health services at about half the rate of Whites according to multiple studies.
When attempting to seek appropriate mental health services, sadly many minorities find significant difficulty obtaining services from clinicians that are relatable and compassionate.  The reality is less than 5% of psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health clinicians are people of color according to John Hopkins Medical School.
The goals of Sisterhood Teas are as follows:
  1. To provide an informal setting where education is disseminated about common mental health disorders and treatment options.
  2. To offer a safe place of nonjudgmental and unbiased support from other women.
  3. To launch a movement that recognizes the burden of mental illness in our society and provides opportunities for community collaboration and networking to remedy this burden.