Ovarian Cancer (some of the following information found on webmd.com)

>  Ovarian cancer is a condition that affects the reproductive organs in females
>  Women have two ovaries each the size of an almond, they are responsible for producing eggs and hormones
>  Ovarian cancer is a rare type of cancer
>  There is no known prevention
>  Risk factors include:

>  Family history
>  Being postmenopausal
>  Never had a baby
>  Started menstrual cycle before age 12
>  History of hormonal use for menopausal symptoms

>  Symptoms of ovarian cancer include:

>  Frequent bloating
>  Pelvic or back pain
>  Getting full easily
>  Urinary changes
>  Pain with sex

Unfortunately ovarian cancer is not often found until the late stages, thus making it hard to treat.

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